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So much more than you can imagine!  The Marinship embodies an ethos of innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship and an ecosystem of collaboration and community.  Did you know there is a medical device company that uses a CNC milling machine to create a product that is used in the calibration of biopsy labs around the country?  Or a company that creates equipment to track whales around the world?  Or another that hybridized the first ferry in the bay area to use wind, solar and electrical generators?


& Creativity

Marinship has a long legacy of innovation and creativity in fabrication and maritime technologies that has led to over a dozen patents.  In the same way the Marinship was able to pivot to produce face shields and hand sanitizer during our national crisis, it is poised to provide leadership in prototyping technical and nature-based approaches to sea-level rise.



The Marinship industrial, maritime, and artist sectors of Sausalito's economy remained very active during the pandemic, providing a source of tax revenue.  This same economic diversity provides an alternate source of income that is non-tourism dependant.

Educational Programs

The Marinship is home to a variety of educators and educational activities.  Artists, welders, fabricators, maritime craftsmen, and other groups provide after-school and summer programs for our community and neighbors. Apprenticeship programs are emerging and SWWC supports and seeks to provide a coordinated focus on fostering our youth.


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