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Sausalito's Working Waterfront has been a leader in experiential learning opportunities for our communities for decades.  Maritime and industrial businesses, local artists and non-profits have established a legacy of education in the Marinship.  Now the Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition will help our partners to promote and expand and foster collaboration of these opportunities.  Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, education programs were just beginning to hit their stride.  Currently many of these programs are on hold due to the lock-down.  That does not mean that nothing is happening.  Plans are progressing and SWWC will be a one-stop repository of all the programs to promote outreach to our community including Marin City.   Links below provide information on the individual programs. 


Call of the Sea's crew of professional educators create an environment for students to observe, inquire, and discover in an unforgettable on the water experience.


  • After School Learning Hubs

  • Full-Day Education Programs

  • Girls Aloft/Aloft Empowerment Programs

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Spaulding Marine Center's team of skilled trades people, educators and industry leaders is launching an apprenticeship program to train the next generation of craftspeople in the marine industry.  The apprenticeship program removes the financial burden  to young people without financial resources.  This program is expected to begin in the fall of 2021.


A primary focus of SCBC will be to provide affordable access and education.  We will offer waterfront education and recreation for all abilities through Sausalito Parks and Recreation.  Maritime skills training on the water will target local youth and underserved community members.  Experiential youth learning programs in collaboration with local schools will use a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) curriculum.

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Marin Made provides students with an experiential learning introduction of the capabilities of industrial machines.  Saturday workshops in welding for students give students an understanding of the physical reality of fabrication techniques.  Students leave with a greater appreciation of science and a increased appetite to learn.

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List Marin provides monthly Diesel Engine 101 workshops for boat owners and other interested parties.  Usually on a Saturday, this workshop provides the basics of simple deisel maintenance and repair.


The Arques School teaches traditional plank-on-frame wooden boat building, sailboat design, lumber harvesting, wood technology, and celestial navigation.  The main focus is on developing the skills needed for careful woodworking.  The Arques School strives to restore and replicate historical wooden boats. We have recently prepared the lines drawings for replicating ‘Dolphin’, a 21ft sailboat built in Sausalito in 1924 at Menotti Pasquinucci’s boatyard. 


Universal Sonar Mount teaches a robotics workshop for kids.  The workshop is designed to inspire an interest in science and fabrication technologies. Reason Bradley and his team of robot builders have been competing in international Battlebot competition for over 20 years.  Their design, called Bronco, has inspired a new generation of science enthusiasts and engineers.    Several of those "kids" now work at USM after graduating with engineering degrees. 


Seatrek offers custom kayak trips designed for large groups of young inexperienced paddlers.  Whether you are trying to teach your students about the history of the Bay Area, familiarize them with the workings of local ecosystems, or reward them with a day on the water, a kayak trip from Sea Trek provides a fun and memorable opportunity for learning! 


The goal at the Sausalito Yacht Club Youth Sailing Program is to promote the enjoyment of sailing through an educational system that uses quality coaching, proven techniques, and teamwork to teach our students how to love boating.  We teach sailing skills in a fun, safe, and educational environment.  Youth can join as young as 8 and continue sailing well through high school.  Scholarships are available through the Sausalito Youth Sailing Foundation.

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Sausalito Wooden Boat Tours offers fun and educational programs by Victoria Colella, Author of Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour guide book.  Educational Tours include the floating home communities, WWII shipyards, art studios, and the heart of the of the working waterfront from an insider's perspective.  Group tours, treasure hunts and customized programs for school children are available.

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