A Coalition of Sausalito's Maritime Craftsman,Technology Innovators, Industrial Craftsmen, Artisans,and Artists

The Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition is a diverse community of local business owners, employees, property owners, artists, and residents that supports the legacy of Sausalito’s waterfront history and culture while promoting maritime, artistic and light industrial innovation. 

We believe our history of ship building, related maritime activities, technical innovation and our local artist community are the key link to sausalito’s unique character and quality of life.


The mission of the Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition is to Communicate and Safeguard the legacy of the historic maritime and cultural heritage of the Marinship and to Promote the continued growth of an enterprise zone with roots in maritime, artistic and light industrial innovation. 


We will advocate for Sausalito's Working Waterfront, providing information relevant to the preservation of maritime businesses, industrial activities and the artist community in the Marinship.  We will honor the people and places of Sausalito whose legacy created our maritime heritage.  We will promote innovation and education relevant to maritime activities, new technology, artists and makers.


A long history of wooden boat building

Anton Hotner and Holden Crane on Richardson's Bay, Sausalito.

Launch of the Guardian,  SF Fireboat 

Bayside Boatworks Shipway #3

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