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The Marinship Blue Economy Innovation District Ballot Measure


Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition on behalf of our members and group of interested partners has submitted a proposed ballot measure to the city council.

The Ballot Measure is intended to foster and grow a large portion of the Marinship into a district that can attract new businesses focused on emerging  solutions for ocean health, climate tech, solar energy, vessel electrification and other innovation technologies.  

Current maritime and industrial spaces will not be affected.  Nor will spaces occupied by artists or craftspeople be affected.  Even non-conforming uses that currently exist will be permitted and allowed to remain.


Eighteen acres of the northern Marinship, some of which was designated by the city for mixed-use residential are not affected by this initiative.

This balllot measure simply locks some 2021 General Plan programs and policies that addressed the Marinship.  That General Plan was approved 5-0 by CIty CouncilIt also requires future development and re-development to be limited to maritime, fine art, industrial and youth/aprenticeship programs and requires any future change to go to the voters.

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