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Documentary Screening Schedule 

Next Screening Nov 20th, 2023 @ 6 PM at Marin Made, 90 Gate 5 Rd
Doors open at 530pm.

Previous screenings:
Spaulding Boat Center
ausalito Cruising Club
Poggio Restaurant
St. Mary Star of the Sea Church
Spaulding Boat Center
Christ Episcopal Church
Gate 6 1/2 Dock
Presidio Yacht Club
Driver's Market
Yellow Ferry
Bay Model - Call of the Sea
Corinthian Yacht Club
Marin Made
Sausalito Village
Sausalito Yacht Club
Sausalito Women's Club
Sausalito Library
Varda Barge
Spaulding Boat Center
Sausalito Cru
ising Club
Bay Model -(Premier)

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