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Marinship Currentz: March 7, 2021

Forty Four Years Later Phil Frank's words

are more relevant than ever.


Three Council Members Seek Development

Agreements Authority that would avoid zoning restrictions.

Another nod to the Real Estate Lobby

Almost as if on queue, three city council members once again argued to ignore a provision in a proposed ordinance that would require any development agreement be required to comply with zoning ordinances. In doing so they are ignoring the recommendation of our planning commission.

We are told that development agreements can be a useful planning tool. Projects that comply with current zoning ordinances, the General Plan, and the Marinship Specific Plan can be welcome additions to the Marinship Vision that protects and enhances the working waterfront and the associated jobs. SWWC has always advocated for more and better spaces for maritime and industrial activities and spaces for artists. But using Zoning Overlay (Feb 9th City Council ) and now Development Agreements that bypass zoning restrictions to push through a developer's plan is worrisome. In Bob Silvestri's latest post (button below) a section that is titled "recent rumblings at Sausalito City Council" asks the question: If zoning is to be updated, why push forward now with a tool that bypasses zoning? Is there someone whispering in the ear of certain city council members? Fortunately, the vote on the development agreement was delayed to the March 23rd meeting.

Read the details at Marin Post by Bob Silvestri.


Latitude 38 Takes Notice

Despite the risks and dangers, the city council slips zoning overlay language into the General Plan at the final hour. Read on here.


Gentrification of a Working Waterfront:

A Roundtable Panel Discussion


City Council to hire another consultant for

economic development

If you thought City Council was in a Covid-recovery belt-tightening mode with our tax dollars, think again. City Council is about to approve a $30,000 expenditure for yet another consultant. This one is from RGS. Why is this relevant? This is the same consultant that managed the Kosmont Land Economic Study, the study that promoted wine and cheese shops in the Marinship and industrial spaces converted to restaurants and event spaces as they did with the Santa Barbara "Funk Zone". In a momentary display of good judgment, Kosmont actually complimented the Port Townsend economic study that showed a vibrant working waterfront that was the primary economic engine of the community.

That's where our consultant stepped in, Prompted by a Marinship property manager and BAC member [go to time 1:18:36], our consultant went on to try to discredit the accuracy and relevance of the report. Here is what Dr. John Martin, author of the Port Townsend report, said about our consultant's comments, "No state extrapolation or "guestimates" were made, as stated by the consultant in the video. I was personally very disappointed and actually surprised at the unprofessionalism of the consultant describing our report and how unprepared he was to discuss the study and its thoroughness. To clarify the majority of the impacts are not in tourism as was inaccurately stated in the video. Please see the attached report which indicates that boatbuilding and repair sector generated the largest impacts." On Tuesday our city council will consider a contract extension for this consultant.

If you have an opinion, email


Working Waterfront Experiential Education Opportunities now listed on the SWWC website.

Sausalito's Waterfront has been a leader in experiential learning opportunities for our communities for decades. Maritime and industrial businesses, local artists and non-profits have established a legacy of education in the Marinship. Now the Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition will help our partners to promote, expand and foster collaboration of the Working Waterfront hands-on educational opportunities. Currently, many of these programs are just beginning to re-emerge as the pandemic subsides. Plans are progressing and SWWC will be a source of program updates and milestones and will promote partner outreach to our local community including Marin City. After school, summer, and apprentice programs are all in the works in the post-Covid future.


New Shop Spaces Maybe Opening Soon in the Marinship

Spread the word.

Tell your friends with light industry shops and maritime businesses. Fill out the relocation info form.


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