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Marinship Currentz: Jan 28,2022


Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition In this issue:

  1. Documentary on Marinship Coming Soon

  2. Virtual Sausalito Townhall on Housing

  3. Working Waterfront Roundtable on Gentrification

  4. Partnership with National Working Waterfront Network

Below is a preview of the Marinship Documentary. The purpose of the documentary is to highlight some of the businesses currently in our working waterfront that provide good jobs, maritime services and our artist culture along with apprenticeships and STEM educational opportunities for kids.


Virtual Townhall on Sausalito Housing Thursday, February 10, 5-7 pm New state laws require Sausalito to create 724 new housing units in the coming years. The City Council has hired a team of consultants to help them decide where these new units will be located. A “Virtual Townhall” meeting on Thursday, February 10 from 5 to 7pm will allow citizens to discuss and suggest the best and worst locations and ideas for housing. Special interests and their allies want to re-zone Sausalito’s working waterfront and industrial areas, a move that will eventually displace valuable maritime, makers and entrepreneurs along with artists and many good-paying jobs and apprenticeship programs and hands-on educational opportunities for kids. The Working Waterfront Coalition supports affordable workforce and senior housing in appropriate locations that won’t harm the industrial working waterfront. Housing placed near boatyards and workshops will inevitably generate complaints, conflicts and lawsuits from new residents over noise, dust, fumes, lighting and 24/7 operations. These conflicts can be easily avoided with smart planning that locates a fair share of new housing in a parts of the Marinship District where conflicts can be minimized. Smart planning will also protect precious tax revenues, blue collar jobs, apprenticeship programs - and keep housing away from areas most vulnerable to flooding, sea level rise, toxic contamination, earthquake soil liquefaction and other hazards. Flyer Register

To be notified of all City Housing Meetings during the 2022 Housing Element process please email Principal Planner Rozalynne Thompson at


More relevant now then ever! Last April SWWC Sponsored: Gentrification of a Working Waterfront Panel Discussion. ...a grim warning on where Sausalito is headed...

Find out how Alameda lost its working waterfront including Svendsen's Boat Works, dozens of other businesses and over 300 jobs as careless zoning changes by elected officials empowered developers to take control using mixed-use overlay zoning. Other examples in Florida and Oakland.

How to destroy a working waterfront: The unintended consequences of poorly planned zoning.


National Working Waterfront Network Did you know that the Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition is partnered with the National Working Waterfront Network, dedicated to supporting, preserving, and enhancing our nation's working waterfronts and waterways?

Click on the logo below,

What's happening to Sausalito's Working Waterfront is happening throughout the nation. Slowly but steadily, waterfronts are being attacked by developers, speculators and investors who use their political influence to re-zone and cash-out with windfall profits. Waterfront land is the most lucrative to developers, and in Sausalito, rather than expand our working waterfront, some property owners seek to rezone for maximum profit despite how it will change our city forever. Our partnership with this national organization will help put Sausalito on the map as part of the national conversation on preserving and expanding our working waterfront.

The Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition is a non-profit, public-benefit/social welfare corporation organized as a 501(c)4.


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