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Marinship Currentz: February 20, 2021

A Shadow Falls over the Marinship


Council Vote Threatens Marinship's Future

Increased Risk to Our Maritime and

Industrial Businesses and Artists

After nearly 4 years of committee work and public comment, and well over one million dollars of taxpayer funds, two protections for the Marinship were voted down by the city council in a 3-2 vote late last Tuesday night. The small but powerful local Marinship landowners and their real estate lobby were given a nod to move forward. One city council person said she would not agree to residential development within 100 feet of the shoreline. That's about 10% of the Marinship, What about the other 90%.....????

In the end, a signal was given to Marinship property owners: If you can keep your office buildings vacant with lease rates that maritime, light industry or artists cannot afford to pay, you are well on your way to a residential overlay and a windfall profit. And of course, not being residents of Sausalito, the repercussions and unintended consequences will not affect most of these property owners. In a letter dated February 18, 2020, two-property owners and a property manager sent a letter to the City Council which contained the following paragraph, "We endorse a revision on the zoning map that moves the line separating the W zone and the I zone to the water's edge, thus giving all property owners the same competitive advantage and predictability of uses." The City council seems to move in this direction. This will eliminate the zoning protections for land-based maritime services.

If you do not agree, email


Pelican Boats built at Spaulding for

Sausalito Community Boating Center

Spaulding Boatworks is building a small fleet of Pelican Boats for the Sausalito Community Boating Center for kids to experience the joy and freedom of sailing on the bay. The San Francisco Pelican was designed by Capt. William H. Short in 1959 for the blustery winds and rough waves of San Francisco Bay, a tall order for a 12-foot boat. The design proved able to meet the challenge. Over 60 years later the Pelican is going strong and still the choice for sailors and builders who want a strong, seaworthy, dependable boat in all conditions.


Manta5 Hydrofoil Electric Bike

Has Arrived at the Marinship

If you are looking for something a little more high-tech than a Pelican Boat, you may soon be seeing hydrofoil bikes in Richardson Bay. International Business Development for these innovative and fun watercraft will soon be in the Marinship. Stay tuned for more information.


New Shop Spaces Maybe Opening Soon in the Marinship

Spread the word.

Tell your friends with light industry shops and maritime businesses. Fill out a relocation info form here.


Two New Marinship Trainees Have Arrived

Wyatt and Johnny will be working shop security in the Marinship.


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