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Marinship Currentz: August 5th, 2021

Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition In this issue:

  1. Zoning in the Marinship

  2. Maritime Day, this Saturday at Galilee Harbor

  3. SWWC presents to Sausalito Economic Development Committee


Steve wanted to expand his business in the Marinship. Watch the video to see what happened. <excerpt from a documentary on the Marinship...coming soon>

We're losing our working's happening quickly despite the promises from city council to honor the Marinship Specific Plan. The list of uses that are displacing industrial, maritime and artists is growing. If you are wondering why lease rates for artists, maritime and industrial businesses are going up and those businesses are being displaced, its because people like Steve, who are trying to grow their business (and therefore grow city tax base), have nowhere to expand. They compete for space with unpermitted uses that violate our zoning. City staff seems to be ineffective as complaints have been filed. Zoning enforcement has been relegated to parking enforcement personnel. If you think the uses you see around the Marinship are tolerable and minor...they might be....for now. But as the Marinship evolves into a tourist destination, Sausalito loses its charm and its soul. This is happening right now. You may have seen it. Our craftsmen, maritime workers, industrial shops, artists and innovators are being priced out by these tenants and uses. Pier 39, Carmel by the Sea, Fisherman's Wharf, look out, here comes Sausalito. Have an opinion? email Below is another example. A year ago this was an industrial space, supporting good jobs and an innovative technology business. Today, its a private party location with pool table, grand piano, DJ booth, bandstand and archery range. Sausalito was made aware with a code enforcement complaint on May 1. It is still operating as a private party location.


Maritime Day This Saturday, August 7th, 8am-6pm

This is always one of the most fun events at our waterfront! Sausalito Working Waterfront will have a booth with some examples of technology from the Marinship. Don't miss it!


Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition presents to the Economic Development Advisory Committee

On June 7th SWWC was invited to present to the Sausalito Economic Development Advisory Committee. The purpose of the meeting was to identify collaboration opportunities between the two groups in advising city council. Link Here for presentation. Go to time 1:10. Link Here for Slides


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