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October 18, 2020 Currentz Newsletter:

Sausalito Working Waterfront Network Partners with the National Working Waterfront Network The Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition (SWWC) recently established a partnership with the National Working Waterfront Network. Our goal is to collaborate strategies to enhance Sausalito's working waterfront for maritime, industrial and artist uses and stop developers from the gentrifying the Marinship District that adds valuable culture and tax revenue to our town. The National Working Waterfront Network (NWWN) is a nationwide network of businesses, industry associations, nonprofits, communities, state and federal agencies, universities, Sea Grant programs, and individuals dedicated to supporting, preserving, and enhancing our nation’s working waterfronts and waterways. Their mission is to increase the capacity of coastal communities and stakeholders to make informed decisions, balance diverse uses, ensure access, and plan for the future of their working waterfronts and waterways. Sausalito's partnership with this national group was celebrated by featuring SWWC efforts to save and enhance the Marinship working waterfront in a new nationwide podcast by the American Shoreline Podcast titled, "Organizing the Waterfront: A Tour of Two Coasts". The podcast was recorded in July. Listen HERE and you'll hear the story of Sausalito's Marinship working waterfront, its struggle against gentrification and a future that enhances maritime, industrial and artist uses, while designating it as an innovation zone for environmental adaptation and resiliency solutions and fabrication technologies.


"Unlike Any Disaster We Have Ever Seen", Says State Agency About Rising Seas in the Bay Area

An investigation by NBC Bay Area has found more than two dozen major construction projects worth billions of dollars – either recently completed or still in development – located in areas along San Francisco Bay that scientific computer models show will be flooded or surrounded by water by 2050 or earlier. Sr. Investigative Reporter Stephen Stock has the story. As the evidence mounts that coastal development is ill-advised and fiscally irresponsible, Sausalito's lobbyists march on. Video: Here BayWave Data does not include subsidence or water table rise, two variables with significant potential impact to the affect of sea level rise and flooding throughout the bay area included fill areas like the Marinship.


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