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August 20, 2020 Currentz Newsletter:

Engineered Fluids another casualty of weak protections and decades of industrial spaces being converted to office

Gary Testa, our friend, and owner of Wave Advance/ Engineered Fluids in the Marinship, was recently legally notified that his month-to-month lease would not be renewed. Gary's company produces a dielectric cooling fluid for computer server farms, batteries systems, marine systems, most major auto companies, the U. S. Navy and many other applications. Gary just closed a round of funding and was about to begin hiring about a dozen engineers and technicians. Gary has also been part of the Medical Emergency Manufacturing Group, organized by Janelle Kellman to bring together Sausalito's industrial businesses to collaborate on ways to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. Gary's expertise, shop space, equipment and chemical licensing certification was utilized to produce 45 gallons of hand-sanitizer. That hand sanitizer was distributed in front of Gary's shop by volunteers with the Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition to residents at no cost for 7 weeks. The hand sanitizer was also provided to the Chamber of Commerce for distribution to Sausalito's restaurants and retail locations. The Chamber has not yet reached out to Gary. Gary is also a volunteer member of Sausalito's Economic Development Advisory Committee. Despite his contributions to our community only one City Council member, Joan Cox, reached out to him.


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