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Open Letter to City Council

Please Help, Don't Hurt the Marinship

We, the undersigned, strongly endorse a long-term plan to secure and expand Sausalito’s working waterfront as a designated Maritime, Arts and Industrial District.

We believe Sausalito should support its Blue Economy with living-wages and with sustainable STEM jobs in the maritime and ocean technology sectors. Light industry and fabrication should be protected and expanded to diversify Sausalito's economy.  Zoning changes are being considered that threaten ALL of Sausalito by destroying valuable jobs, pushing out essential maritime services, reducing tax revenues, displacing innovators, artists, fabricators, and educators - while increasing traffic congestion.


 We support affordable senior and workforce housing in an appropriate Marinship location that won’t harm the industrial working waterfront. Housing placed near boatyards and workshops will inevitably generate complaints, conflicts and lawsuits over noise, dust, fumes, lighting and 24/7 operations. Long after the developers are gone, the legal liabilities will transfer to Sausalito’s taxpayers.  These conflicts can be avoided with smart planning that locates housing away from the boatyards, related industrial and adjacent parcels.  


Thanks for signing!
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