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We are a coalition of Sausalito's Maritime Craftsmen, Technology Innovators, Industrial Fabricators, Artisans, Artists and residents advocating for the protection of our livelihoods, our city's economic heart, and cultural heritage.  Sausalito's  working waterfront, called the Marinship, is faced with the same gentrification pressures that working waterfronts along our nation's coasts have been dealing with for decades.  Developers wish to locate residential, office and mixed-use and other non water-dependent developments along the waterfront. 


Our vision for the future includes an expanded maritime/artist/industrial economic engine that leverages Marinship's history of innovation and fabrication. Marinship is poised to become an innovation and incubation hub focused on resilient technologies that can address the realities of a changing environment.  This can only be accomplished if we envision Marinship not as a zone whose return on investment is to be maximized, but as an ethos where ideas are welcomed, vetted, fabricated, tested and developed.

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SWWC is a 501(c)4, public benefit, social welfare non-profit corporation run exclusively by volunteers.  Membership Fees are used mainly for marketing and administrative purposes.  Membership fees are not tax deductible

Marinship Documentary "A Tour of Sausalito's Marinship, A Working Waterfront at Risk." Watch the

1-minute preview: HERE

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Gentrification of a Working Waterfront,

A Roundtable Panel Discussion

Recorded Thursday, March 25th, 2021

Watch Recording: HERE

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Sea Level Rise does not mix well with waterfront housing! click on the image below.

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Who Are We?

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What Happens
In The Marinship?

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