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Did you know that Sausalito has an Industrial and Maritime zone that spans over 200 acres? It was home to a Liberty ship production facility called the Marinship during WWII. Since that time, it has been home to a tradition of industrial and maritime innovation. Marinship is planning for a future as an innovation zone to foster entrepreneurship for existing and new companies that seek an ecosystem that will allow them to thrive.


The Marinship offers:


  • Access to the bay for maritime businesses.

  • An informal fabrication and collaboration hub among the businesses that occupy the area.

  • Marinship Business Guild, an Association for Light Industry, Maritime and Artist advocacy, marketing and information sharing.

  • Expertise with a variety of welding and fabrication shops.

  • Floating Home Fabrication and Repair Shipways.

  • Ship building and repair with 3 shipways and 4 boatyard companies.

  • Expertise in environmental adaptation R&D

  • One of the largest metal water-jet cutters on the west coast (6’ x 9’), 3-d CNC machine tools, 3-d printer farm.

  • Current businesses include sonar equipment, medical technologies, robotics, microgrids, underwater power systems, solar, maritime systems, product research and production laboratories, battery systems

  • Easy access via Hwy 101, Blue and Gold Ferry and Golden Gate Transit Bus

  • Vocational apprenticeship programs currently being developed.

As work-from-home takes hold, office space in the Marinship is being converted to light industrial and marine spaces. In many cases these spaces are already built out for these uses, with high ceilings and roll-up doors.

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