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Tuesday Jan 14, 6pm, City Council/Planning Commission Mtg Portuguese Hall, 511 Caledonia, Sausalito

Remember this? Sausalito built this. With 185,000 volunteer hours and

counting. This is who we are.

What is in our future?

A visitor destination complete with tourist shops, hotels, bars and restaurants and all the traffic that goes with it? This option will enrich certain property owners and developers to the detriment of residents that will be left to deal with the our new "quality" of life.


A Marinship that is uniquely positioned to become a world class innovation zone for sea-level rise mitigation, climate change and high technology fabricators that attracts expert micro-manufactures and maritime services with a community arts and makers space?

Can certain city council members be convinced we do not want to become the next tourist destination? Perhaps the Planning Commission can help....come on Tuesday and find out.


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