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The Marinship maritime and industrial has always been the economic engine of Sausalito. It has provided an alternate and diversified source of income from the tourist-centric hotel and restaurants of our downtown. As our office workers and tourists have left our city, what remains is our tradesman, skilled workers, craftsmen and artists. Outside of the office buildings whose parking lots are empty, our Marinship remains very active. And now, as our skilled light-manufacturing and maritime business expands, it is time to refocus our efforts in protecting those businesses and attracting more industry, maritime and artists to our community and foster a new generation of those jobs and skills. Sausalito's economic engine can be leveraged to help our Marin neighbors develop skills and create jobs to benefit our communities in this challenging economic environment.

Sausalito 2040 General Plan Update – Part III - Housing and the Marinship

Posted by: Bob Silvestri - Community Venture Partners

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What we learned at the July 7th City Council Meeting is that Councilperson Joan Cox has no allies on the City Council willing to protect the Marinship from development minded property owners. They will retire the Marinship Specific Plan and will consider overturning the Fair Traffic Initiative. Fortunately the Fair Traffic Initiative should go to the voters before it can be overturned. These are the 2 documents that have protected the Marinship from becoming like every other tourist-retail waterfront area throughout the Bay area. The next City Council meeting is August 18th. The General Plan is in the hands of our city council now and if signed as currently written it will not include the protections of the Marinship Specific Plan.


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