OUR VISION - Marinship as an Innovation Zone

The Industrial, Maritime, Fabrication, and Technology Possibilities are Endless....

The wholesale abandonment of the Marinship Specific Plan without a clearly defined replacement would be an irreversible tragedy to the culture of Sausalito and negatively affect our jobs, businesses, traffic, and community character.



In recognition of the voices of the community as presented in the Marinship Workshop, the Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition supports a vision for the Marinship as an area whose primary goal is to preserve and enhance maritime, light industrial, and artistic uses and jobs. These uses define the backbone of Sausalito’s cultural heritage. All economic studies and feasibility analyses should be designed with the goal of promoting this vision.



Light Industrial

If we implement policies that make it easier for light industrial fabricators and similar companies to find space and perform their work, Sausalito can expand its legacy of innovation in both prototype fabrication and intellectual property.  It is essential to continue to promote and protect the Industrial zoned areas.



We must continue to support our artist communities with access to facilities and workspaces that are not priced out due to offices.



We must protect and enhance our maritime industry in order to continue to serve our marine community.


Office and Residential

No new commercial office development or housing development should be allowed in the Marinship.  Limited office use, determined to be strictly accessory to a permitted use, will be allowed and existing or approved office buildings and uses may remain as permitted uses.  The risks and liabilities of opening the Marinship to any type of land-based residential would be significant considering sea level rise, subsidence, and existing contamination.


Historic Resource

Finally, we support a thorough evaluation of the historic resources in the Marinship, and suggest that the City analyze the opportunities to preserve and honor our City's important culture and history of fabrication and innovation.


For the last 30 years the Vision for the Marinship seems to be convert industrial space to office space, displace fabrication shops and dismiss and ignore our waterfront maritime industries.  No promotion of these businesses has ever occurred by the City or the Business Advisory Committee, no solicitation for complementary businesses has ever occurred.  Instead, hedge funds have moved in, Class-A office space rents has priced out industrial companies, prototyping and fabrication shops.  Despite this, innovation and technology survives in the Marinship...but there is room for more complementary new businesses and technologies....that is the NEW VISION we are promoting.


We see the future of the Marinship as a vibrant and clustered modern manufacturing community where businesses are provided the stability to invest, grow and continue to flourish.  We envision an environment where innovation, artist, maritime and light industrial uses receive a strengthening of protection, rather than the erosion of it.  In the future, the Marinship and Sausalito could benefit from initiatives like a Waterfront Community Arts and Fabrication Maker Space where a tall ship can be built (the Matthew Turner) or a historic ferry paddle wheel can be restored (the Van Damme) or a new art installation can be created, or kids can learn about robotics.  We advocate for an environment where businesses would have access to industrial and artistic tools and resources that allow them to prototype new ideas and experiment with hands-on business concepts.  Over the past 10+ years more than a dozen patents have come out of the Marinship and been turned into products.  This was accomplished in a relatively hostile industrial climate in the Marinship.  We see a change that embraces this kind of accomplishment rather than ignores it.  We see a future of stewardship of our maritime, industrial and artist heritage in the decades to come bringing continued economic and community vitality.

Many local opportunities have slipped away to other bay area locations...but new small scale opportunities that are complementary to maritime, light industrial and art uses remain!  In taking advantage of these opportunities we need to maintain an environment that continues to foster our local entrepreneurs and not price them out.

Did you know that our neighbors in Vallejo have one of only seven degree-granting maritime academies in the country?  It is part of the California State university system.  https://www.csum.edu/web/majors/majors 

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